Victory Kids is a ministry that equips and supports children by creating an engaging environment through dynamic lessons, group activities, and experiences that children live out everyday. It is where faith is a personal dynamic experience.

The Mission of Victory Kids is to help parents become involved in their children’s spiritual growth and understanding of God’s Word in everyday life, while recognizing the cultural diversity of church community. We accomplish this by inviting parents to volunteer in the children’s area and participate in lessons and activities.


The Garden Nursery

AGES 0-2

The Garden provides a clean, safe environment where babies are comforted, nurtured and cared for, while providing parents the opportunity to have a personal experience with Jesus in our main service.

The Lilly Pad

AGES 2-3

This is where toddlers begin their journey of learning the Kingdom of God, while being able to explore and have fun at the same time.

The Fun House

Grades JK & SK

At The Fun House, junior and senior kindergarten children begin to grow in their faith. We do this by providing a playful atmosphere combined with age appropriate Bible teaching.

The Splash Zone

Grades 1-2

This ministry is designed to help children worship God and grow their faith, as well as assists them in building stronglasting relationships.

The Power Lab

Grades 3-5

The Power Lab will encourage children on a more mature level concerning their faith in God. This is done by incorporating small groups,workshops, faith building experiments and worship sessions.