Looking to become a member, transfer membership, set up an appointment, or book the sanctuary for a wedding?
Well we got some forms for you to fill and connect with one or more of our staff members.

Here are some of our application forms

Membership Application

Every single person sitting in the pews is important to us but how is it important to you? Becoming a member isn’t for the benefit of the church, it’s for you. Becoming a member is a personal dedication and covenant between you and your Father about you commitment to your local church. Apply and start reaping the profits.
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Wedding Application

Interested in having your wedding here? Do you want one of our ordained ministers to perform your wedding? It’s never made easier for our members to complete this process. All the questions are asked on the form, and our event manager and media director will contact you shortly.
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Baby Dedication Application

Did you recently have a baby? Are you going to have a baby in the next few months? Apply now and get your child’s foundation in Christ established. “Get them while they’re young”. You can have you dedication ceremony publicly during one of our Sunday Services or privately during the week. Go ahead and click that button below to start.
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Tithe No. Request

Forget your Tithe No. Don’t worry, we still know who you are! If you’d like us to refresh your memory simply click the button bellow to get your code. Don’t worry, we keep all your information secure and safe. just fill out the request and an admin will contact your back shortly.
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