Our Mission

The purpose of the Tech Ministry is to present and capture the works of God by setting a foundational atmosphere for the body of Christ to fall under His anointing.

Our goal is to facilitate our family into an intimate time of praise and worship as well as present His Glory through images, art, software, and technology every time we come together.

Sound Team

We are the guys in the back or “FoH” as we call it, the “behind-the-scenes” guys who get things done. We make sure the sound gear does what it’s told when it’s told, how it’s told. We like to get our hands dirty, and labor for the Kingdom. If that sounds like you too then click that join button!

Multimedia and Lyrics

If you are good with computers and semi-tech-savvy, or a little bit, even if you’re really tech savvy, with the tech ministry you get the opportunity to work with the professional production crew.

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